Garden deckings

Terrasdelen Bekey

There are various types of wood that are suitable for outside wood, including fences and garden deckings. Well-known woods include Bangkirai, Ipe, Angelim Pedra / vermelho, Cumaru, Garapa, Itauba, Muiracatiara, Thermo Ash and Douglas. Due to the special relationship with Brazil since 1998, Bekey International focuses primarily on Brazilian wood species.

Thermo Ash

Thermo Ash is thermally modified wood that has been transformed by a controlled pyrolysis process. The wood is heated for approximately 3 hours with hot steam (at least 200 degrees Celsius) in a low-oxygen environment to increase the durability class of the wood. This process leads to a chemical change in the molecular structure of the cellulose in the cell wall. In other words, soft wood becomes wood that has the same characteristics as tropical hardwood.

  • cheaper and more environmentally conscious than tropical hardwood
    This softwood grows faster and comes from sustainably managed forests
  • hardly shrinks and does not expand
  • good resilience to weather conditions
  • easy to process
  • the same characteristics as tropical hardwood durability class 1
  • is 30% more resistant to fire than non-thermally modified wood
  • insulates 25% better (sound and heat) than non-thermally modified wood
  • extremely suitable for outdoor applications (garden deckings, cladding, garden houses)
  • light of weight