Bekey International is a trade name in the international timber market. We are working with sawn timber, semi-finished and finished products. We guarantee the best quality and fast delivery time.
We deliver on demand:
American white and red Oak, hard Maple, American Ash, American Walnut and American Cherry (North America). From Brasil we deliver: Ipe, red and yellow Cumaru, Red Peroba, Angelim Pedra and Angelim Vermelho, Jatoba, Tigerwood, Tatajuba, Itauba, Garapa en Massaranduba. From Africa: Padauk, Iroko, Afzelia, Wenge, Sipo en Sapeli Mahogany. From Europe: European Oak, European Beech, Douglas Oregon Pine and (Thermo) Ash. And Merbau and Teak from Indonesia.